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'Guiding support for family carers'

What We Do

  • We work with organisations to provide better information and supports to Family Carers. We provide them with opportunities to collaborate on initiatives including National Carers Week, a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary Family Carer Research Group, and joint policy submissions.
  • We deliver a number of carer specific projects; namely an Online Family Carer Support Project a Back to Work Project and a Technology Skills Development Project
  • We commission relevant research that supports focused and quality interventions in the lives of Family Carers.


  • December 13th. Check out our latest Newsletter - Including updates on two of our Projects - Kaleidoscope and Return Ready- Introducing a new staff member - Policy and Research Updates - Cost of Disability- Governance Updates- Children in Hospital Ireland. See  
  • December 6th. Our Executive Director Liam spoke at the UCC PPI Seminar Centering & Embedding Family Carers in the Co-Production of Research, Supports and Policy which took place online on December 3rd. You can watch the seminar back here
  • December 1st. We welcome two new staff to the team. Read their biogs here and here
  • November 15th. This week is Trustees Week. We acknowledge & celebrate the contribution made by our nine volunteer board of directors #TrusteesWeekIrl They provide fiduciary and governance oversight, offer a critical perspective, review new policies and procedures, reflect on sectoral developments and approve budgets. Read about our directors here. Find out more about the 25 events being organised this week here
  • October 14th   See the Care Alliance Ireland Post-Budget Analysis, with a focus on changes and announcements relevant to family carers here  
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