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Good Practice Examples


Caring Counts

This free reflection course was developed with and for carers. It will help you reflect on your experiences, gain a clearer understanding of who you are, and recognise the range of skills and abilities you’ve developed from your caring role. It will also help you to look forward, to think about what you’d like to do now or in the future, and to make plans that will help you get where you hope to be.

The course can also be used by non-carers and workers supporting carers, to help gain a clearer understanding of carers’ experiences and recognise the range of skills and abilities that people develop in a caring role.

Caring Counts Website


Track Project

TRACK is a European Erasmus+ project aimed at developing and testing a training programme for informal caregivers. This training programme will be proposed in a flexible ‘blended’ more (mixing on-line and face to face sessions), and include mentoring for informal caregivers.

Download a short summary of the project in PDF format

Track project website