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'Guiding support for family carers'


What We Do

  • We work with organisations to provide better information and supports to Family Carers. We provide them with opportunities to collaborate on initiatives including National Carers Week, a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary Family Carer Research Group, and joint policy submissions.
  • We deliver a number of carer specific projects; namely an Online Family Carer Support Project and a Back to Work Project.
  • We commission relevant research that supports focused and quality interventions in the lives of Family Carers.


  • July 15th New publication from the CarerEngage project (with ISS21/UCC) - A Review of the National Carers Strategy (2012): How Relevant are the Actions in 2021 and For The Future? Download a copy here
  • July 14th Dept. of Social Protection Pre Budget Forum (Budget 2022)
  • July 6th Presentation delivered by Tara O'Connor at Covid-19 Innovation/Knowledge Exchange Event Seminar about our Online Family Carer Support Group - Slides available to view here
  • July 2nd Directors Report and Financial Statements (2020) available to view here
  • June 22nd Board of Directors Meeting.
  • More News