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'Guiding support for family carers'

One of the core aims of Care Alliance Ireland is to make family care research accessible and interesting to as many people as possible - particulary to family carers and those they care for. We do this through a number of our projects such as the Discussion Paper Series and our Family Carer Research Group

Launching in June 2024, our podcast, Caring Researchers, is available via Spreaker and everywhere you get your podcasts. 



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You can also listen directly to each episode below.

Episode 1: Researching Family Care with Care Alliance Ireland 

Host: Zoe Hughes

Guest: Liam O'Sullivan. 

For our first episode in the Caring Researchers podcast, listen to Senior Policy and Research Officer Zoe and our CEO Liam speaking about some of the history of Care Alliance Ireland, some of our favourite research projects over the years, and our hopes of where future family care research may take us.