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Conference 2019

Following on from successful conferences in 2015 and 2017, Care Alliance Ireland, in partnership with UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, and with funding from the Health Research Board, Care Alliance Ireland hosted their third biennial conference titled 'Towards a Refreshed National Carers Strategy - From Research to Policy'. 

This conference concentrated on research which has the potential to positively inform and impact the development of progressive family carer policy in Ireland.

Featuring eight oral presentations in a diverse conference programme, we believe guests left the conference with a deeper understanding of family carer issues in Ireland and how we can further push for a continued development of progressive family carers policy in Ireland. 

Care Alliance Ireland was also pleased to livestream the conference on our website and on the National Carers Facebook page, for family carers who may have been unable to participate in the event due to their caring responsibilities. Each of the presentations will be made available here shortly. Each of the presentation slides will also be made available to interested parties in the near future, here on this page. 

We at Care Alliance Ireland would like to sincerely thank all the speakers for their excellent presentations. We thank all the participants for attending the conference and we would especially like to thank the family carers who attended on the day. 



Session One 

  • Dr. Nikki Dunne - A Decade Lost: The Physical, Mental and Psychological Impact of Caring 2009-2019
  • Dr. Emma Miller - Exploring benefits, challenges and strategies in embedding carers outcomes in practice; from research to policy and practice 
  • Laura Reid & Aisling Harmon - Long-term Care and Family Carers

Session Two 

  • Deborah Brennan - The burden of educational exclusion on mothers of children with disabilities
  • Mary Cronin - Promoting a ‘Think Carer’ approach in Ireland’s health and social care services: first steps

Session Three

  • Dominique Phillips - Family carers’ experiences of altering work arrangements to provide care: A qualitative case study approach 
  • Audry Deane - Honest Brokers: A youth work approach to supporting school going young carers