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Clare Duffy

Clare Duffy

Clare Duffy is Social Policy Manager with The Carers Association and is responsible for managing the Association’s policy positions, as well as the organisation's public affairs and advocacy work. Clare’s particular areas of interest include carer rights, entitlements and research.

Clare represents the Association on a number of consultative committees, including the HSE’s Service Users and Clinical Advisory Group for the National SAT for Older People (InteRAI) which focuses on the development of a National Carer’s Needs Assessment; the National Review Committee on Domiciliary Care Allowance and the Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership.

Before joining The Carers Association in 2008, Clare worked as a Research and Evaluation Officer under the Local Development Social Inclusion Programme on a range of measures designed to counter disadvantage, and promote equality and social inclusion.

Clare holds a Masters Degree in International Strategic Business from Dublin City University.

Clare  is a nominee of The Carers Association of Ireland.